Remember those who have lost spouses

To the editor:

The words “widow” and “widower” are more than words. To people with the title, it is the memory of those who have passed on and are no longer with us.

No more key in the lock and a familiar voice saying “I’m home.” No more sharing their laughter and events of their day. The silence is almost unbearable. Lonely days, cold nights and an empty chair at the table is now a reality.

So if you can take time during the holidays to place a phone call or send a written note to them to let them know they are still thought of, it might make a great difference in an otherwise lonely day.

Your compassion and empathy will make you feel better also, because you will be remembering the loved one who is no longer here.

Connie Solano

Pearce, Ariz.

formerly of Mifflin County