Local man thankful for recent celebration

To the editor:

A word of sincere thanks to all who attended or expressed their greetings in other ways, in celebration of my 80th birthday!

All shared more than just a little bit of themselves to my benefit! There were congratulations, good wishes, an outpouring of memories, good stories and, maybe, even a tiny white lie or two just for flavor! You remembered, wow!

For my family who felt the need and made this happen, I am incapable of even trying to express the necessary degree of gratitude. Emotions would prevent in any case!

I do, and always will, know that every detail from the most difficult to the simplest was a true expression of love!

To all those who replied, those who attended and those who, in any way, had part in planning, preparation and completion in celebration of my never-to-be-forgotten 80th birthday, I most humbly say thank you!

Clint Herbster