Troiano can provide much-needed change

To the editor:

This country is facing a crisis of leadership that threatens to destroy the very foundations of our republic. The voting public seems to be at a loss as to what to do about the political morass we find ourselves in. Either, we change direction or we will in all likelihood go down in flames.

Americans’ faith in government is at such a low that many people do not vote at all. Those who do vote, vote for either a Republican or a Democrat out of mere party loyalty regardless of the person running for office.

I recently heard Nick Troiano speak. I was impressed with his ability to speak with a passion and truthfulness seldom seen in any person seeking office. He answered questions directly rather than giving you the runaround so many politicians do today. He is running as an independent candidate for the U.S. House of Representatives from Pennsylvania’s 10th Congressional District.

Nick has spent the last decade advancing non-partisan reforms to fix our broken political system and our unsustainable federal budget. As a leader on fiscal and political reform Nick is concerned about where this country is heading.

Nick’s “America Deserves Better” campaign only accepts contributions from individuals not PACs, corporations, unions or lobbyists. Refreshing isn’t it?

Yes, America deserves better than the choices we have been given by our two party (closed/partisan) system. If you have had enough with politics as usual take a look at what I believe is a viable alternative to the status quo. Make your voice heard, vote!

Go to to obtain additional information.

Clyde Bailey