Supports Israel despite innocent casualties

To the editor:

I’m proud to stand with and support Israel.

It does not mean I support everything without thoughtful deliberation or blind acceptance.

I don’t support the killing of a single innocent person, and my heart breaks every time I see the pictures of war. But I don’t live in a vacuum. I understand the complexities of war. I support Israel’s right to defend herself and protect its people. I wish for a day when we can live in a world driven by peace rather than hatred and war.

While no side is without blame for causalities on the ground, I blame Hamas for the senseless disregard for human life and a tyrannical desire to enslave the Middle East in a miserable Crusade-era caliphate. Let’s call a spade a spade: these people are fanatical terrorists and they’re destroying the lives of innocent Palestinians.

It’s plain and simple, Hamas must be destroyed. And contrary to certain dumb Democrats, Hamas is not a humanitarian group. They are evil!

Isaac Gearhart