Stop condeming Israel for defending itself

To the editor:

I am beginning to hear the self-righteous jerks and the anti-Semitic boo birds starting to grumble on television and radio about how Israel has to talk peace with the Palestinians because Israel is killing too many of the enemy (Palestinians) compared to their losses. Bunk!

Let’s take an honest look at the situation. For starters, if you compare the size of Israel to the rest of the Arab and Muslim Middle East, it’s like a small postage stamp on an extra-large manila inner-office envelope. Even that is not showing Israel small enough. They are a very small nation adrift in a sea of enemies. All they want is to exist and live in peace.

If you look back in the recent past at what kicked off the latest hostilities, it was when three young Israeli students were kidnapped and brutally murdered by some Palestinians. You did not hear Hamas, which is a terrorist organization, or any other Palestinian authority condemning this act.

In return, some Israelis kidnapped and murdered a Palestinian youth. This was promptly condemned by the Israeli government as it should have been and an investigation to find those responsible was initiated. This did not satisfy the Palestinians, so Hamas started lobbing rockets on the Israeli civilian population. Israel responded with attacks on Hamas.

Let’s look at some facts in this conflict:

1. Israel did not start the fight, the Palestinians and Hamas did.

2. Hamas deliberately targets civilian populations, Israel does not.

3. Hamas uses civilians as human shields for its weaponry (this is why civilian casualties among the Palestinians are so high in this conflict). Israel uses its weapons to protect its civilians.

To expand on this fact, Hamas puts its rocket-launching sites inside schools, mosques, hospitals, office buildings, etc. They want civilian casualties when their rocket sites are hit, so they can take pictures of the victims and put it on the news to get sympathy for their cause from stupid bleeding hearts who either don’t know the truth or just don’t want to know the truth, because they are just haters of Israel and they agree with this tactic to further their agenda!

Then there are many tunnels that Hamas has built under the border into Israel so that Hamas can sneak into Israel to make raids on the Israeli population. How do you think the original three Israeli youth who were murdered, were captured?

They start these tunnels in homes, schools, mosques, etc. One tunnel that was found and destroyed came up under an Israeli school. What was that tunnel going to be used for?

Idiots around the world and even our own government say that Israel has to use restraint. Israel is using restraint! Do you not realize that Israel has the ability to turn not only the West Bank and all of Gaza into glass, but the Middle East as well? They haven’t done it even thought most of the governments in that region want to wipe Israel off the map. Now that is restraint!

Our own stupid government just sent Secretary of State John Kerry over there and Kerry gave Hamas $47 million from the United States (our tax dollars) supposedly for humanitarian aid and for the Palestinians. Do you know what will happen to most of that money? Most will go to line the pockets of Hamas officials or to buy them more weapons and rockets. About the only money that will go to the common working Palestinian is if he gets a job rebuilding the tunnels that Israel is destroying now!

Israel even gives the residents on the West Bank a warning before they launch an attack on a rocket-launching site to give the civilians a chance to leave! Those who leave live. Those who don’t are told by Hamas to stay put and they become the victims and the bodies on display to help the cause.

That is restraint by Israel! That is barbarism by Hamas!

I have even found out that some of the concrete and other building materials that were used to build the tunnels into Israel were supplied by Israel itself. It was donated to the Palestinians to help rebuild homes that were destroyed in previous conflicts – donated by the ones who were attacked on previous occasions and forced to defend themselves, donated as a gesture of kindness to people that the Israelis do not hate but felt sorry for their losses.

And how were the Israelis repaid for their kindness to the Palestinian people? The Palestinians used some of the building materials to rebuild a home and then used the rest of the materials to construct a tunnel from that very home into Israel for more dastardly attacks against Israel in the future. And this situation happened over and over again!

And after all this, Israel is the bad guy. Israel should use restraint. Israel needs to talk peace. In my opinion, Israel should talk peace when they are ready and not before; when the real haters are ready to stop attacking Israel and let them live in peace.

All Christians need to pray for the peace of Israel. If as a Christian, you are not ready to do that, you better spend some more time in God’s word, and see what God says about it. God said that he will bless them that bless you (Israel) and curse them that curse you (Israel). I for one will be looking for a blessing and not a curse. Israel will not be defeated. God will fight for them if no one else does.

For Christian voters out there, when your candidates condemn Israel for defending itself, as many on the left do, you better turn your support from those candidates to those who support Israel. If not, you may condemn yourself and your country by helping to elect anti-Israel candidates. God will not hold you blameless!

Stephen Sellers