Standing with Israel, God and Jesus Christ

To the editor:

The alarm has just sounded. You have about 15 seconds to make it to the nearest place of safety. Your children play at playgrounds with visible bomb shelters. You don’t travel hardly anywhere because you know at any point you make have to take shelter. Your whole family lives much of the time in a room about 8-feet-by-8-feet to protect them from the bombs and rockets going on in your own area. You have seen your children running in the streets to escape incoming rockets. You have no peace of mind, never knowing from minute to minute this is your last.

This is what it is like to live in the nation of Israel. You try to defend your own children, while an evil terrorist named Hamas uses his own innocent people as human shields to promote his agenda to destroy Israel. Nation after nation tries to condemn you for trying to protect your own.

What if someone sent a bomb to your area via some of their own children? Wouldn’t you first try to protect your own?

I stand strongly with the nation Israel. I consider them my own people. I pray for them day and night, for God’s help and protection.

When my own child was dying from cancer, they prayed for my child. They sent me a letter blessing my child and acknowledging us as theirs.

My son and I are Christians. My Lord came from the nation Israel and will soon rule there. I long for that day when my son and I will reunite with Jesus Christ.

Until then, I stand with Israel, God’s own land. I stand with God and Jesus Christ and for God and Jesus Christ.

Carol Bishop