Local man finds solution to peach-bagging pickle

To the editor:

I was shopping at a local store. One item I wanted to buy was “pint” freezing bags. All that were available at a number of local stores were “quart” size. I live alone except when kids visit so pints are more practical for me than quarts. When I went to the check out counter, coincidentally the lady before me and the one behind me were looking for the same goods.

On my way home I thought I would try one of the area dollar stores. They had sandwich bags (50 per box) for $1. I decided to try an experiment. I bought the box of bags. Then I did up my peaches like usual. I put one cup of peaches in each sandwich bag. That is about the amount I like for my breakfast cereal. I then put three of those sandwich bags (they have a zip lock just like the freezer bags) into a quart freezer bag. Then I put them into the freezer. When I wanted peaches, I took one sandwich bag out of one of the quart bags and let it thaw just like I would have done if I had pints. The sandwich bags did not freeze to each other. The next day I froze sweet corn the same way. Next, I plan to freeze lima beans.

I thought some other senior citizens who freeze their own vegetables and fruit might be interested in the results of my experiment.

John E. Brockett