Impeach Obama? Get your facts straight first

To the editor:

The conservative right wants to impeach the president for “high crimes and misdemeanors” as reflected in the recent three-part letter in The Sentinel by Don Wright. Obama is, we are told, a dictator, a socialist, a despot, a threat to our way of life and probably kicks his dog. The only problem with this analysis is that it is not only mostly wrong factually, but it uses language that is disturbing and frightening.

Speaker John Boehner, trying to head off the impeachment drive, is suing the president because he delayed the employer mandate in Obamacare for one year in order to more effectively implement the new health care law. Most Americans would think that is common sense. This law suit, however, will not satisfy the conservative right who believe President Obama is bypassing Congress and, by executive orders, violating his duties under the constitution. In nearly six years Obama has issued 183. George W. Bush issued 290, Clinton 363, and Reagan 380.

The right must be living in a parallel universe if they believe the Republican House should spend time and tax dollars impeaching the president. Most people believe they should be working on behalf of the struggling middle-class Americans.

The tea party far right has a set of beliefs that they adhere to even if the facts and reality does not comport with their deeply-held views. They use some facts, made up facts, half-truths and outright lies to staunchly defend these beliefs.

What do they believe? They believe President Obama is a Kenyan (he’s not), a Muslim (he’s not). Trying to scare folks, former vice-presidential candidate Sarah Palin said, among many incorrect things, that “death panels” are part of Obamacare (it’s not). The right also believes Obamacare will increase the national debt (it won’t), that the stimulus legislation did not create any jobs (according to the Congressional Budget Office it created between 1.2 and 2.2 million jobs).

Science is also rejected when it does not align with the conservative right’s cherished beliefs. The only people debating climate change are the tea party types not the scientists. They believe our gay and lesbian citizens are mentally ill and can be cured with reparative therapy (not according to the American Psychological Association). There are other examples which I will spare you.

What has made it worse is the influx over the last 20 years of right wing media: Fox News, conservative talk radio and conservative blogs. Combined they have reinforced and given, albeit wrongly, voice to their already deeply-held beliefs.

The Republican Party is now held hostage to the far right; politically moderate office holders have either been driven from the party or have embraced the views of the far right to remain in power.

When the letter writer wrote referring to our president, “We must be prepared to oppose this government of despots with force if necessary,” he crosses the line. I worry that words like that can incite violence. What is also disturbing is that I believe that many people on the far right believe this. The question for the voter is: Do you really want to trust these people with governing our country? There is an answer and it’s the ballot box, not violent rebellion.

Gary Gill