Enough with the same old, same old in government

To the editor:

Thank you Republicans! Thank you Democrats! For giving us unnecessary wars, bankrupting the country, creating a welfare state, high unemployment, rising food prices, rising taxes, rising gasoline prices, rising electric rates, schools that fail their students, endless unnecessary laws and regulations, corrupt federal agencies, unfordable health care, thousands of disabled veterans, declining dollar, trillions of dollars in unfunded liabilities, to name a few.

Democrats and Republicans stop voting for the same old, same old! Vote for individuals (not parties) of good character no matter what party affiliation or lack thereof who will tell you the truth. Stop voting for liars and charlatans. Vote for men of good character not for men whom in your opinion, speak well, look the part, are the right skin color, come from the right college, promise to give you things, or tell you what you want to hear.

Haven’t you had enough of that?

Clyde Bailey