CCAT only seeks to hold supervisors accountable

To the editor:

Recently, a comment was posted in the paper that has me in the writing mood.

At first I found it funny, as this is not the first time that those who disagree with some of the Armagh Township supervisors’ actions lately have been given a nickname. Some may recall one of the reasons for moving the monthly township meetings to 3:30 p.m. was to eliminate some of the ‘riff raff’ from being able to attend, as so eloquently put during a meeting.

It would appear now that ‘misfits’ is the new moniker, so again I giggled. But I am starting to take this somewhat personally because I have publicly questioned the actions and conduct of my elected supervisors. I never felt it necessary to throw names around to others, yet even at the monthly meeting held Aug. 4, a resident spoke to the effect that those disagreeing with the board are all lumped together and are the ones that are the problem. Sorry, but I would like to hold these representatives accountable for the things I feel are not being handled correctly or ethically.

An example that was cited in a letter to the editor several months ago, the Concerned Citizens of Armagh Township’s intent is not to promote individual hatred or bashing of any one elected person, but to focus its energy on raising concerns about the 1) township’s increased spending and lack of controls, 2) local road conditions and lack of repairs, 3) purchase of the school and property and its plan for use without any sound financial pre-planning, and 4) conduct of the supervisors. While newly formed, a lot of the residents have been involved in this community for a long time and are concerned with the direction the township supervisors are taking, and there are lots of questions being asked and none being answered.

Attend the township meetings to become informed of what is happening in your community, listen to the comments and questions from the residents and observe the conduct of the board during these meetings. Your presence will remind the supervisors just who voted them into office and who they are representing.

Liza Wilson

Armagh Township