A vote for Tom Wolf is a vote for higher taxes

To the editor:

We have before us this November the choice between a financial conservative or a tax and spend Tom Wolf, a millionaire who lobbied as Pennsylvania’s Revenue Secretary to raise a number of tax initiatives including an increase in the Allegheny County’s sales tax to 8%, a tax that would drastically affect lower income consumers. He has even suggested the creation of a new $41 million garbage tax. He has never seen a tax he did not like including a new energy tax as if our energy costs are not high enough already. He makes a pseudo attempt to convince us that he would like to reduce property taxes. What he fails to say is what other tax burden he would create or raise to off-set that. This is the action of a flim-flam artist who whose ads now lie about his stance on taxes.

Wolf wanted to send an additional $1.3 billion to Harrisburg by hiking taxes that hit fixed-income and low-income workers the hardest. Tom Wolf supports ObamaCare – one of the largest tax increases in U.S. history – calling it “a good start.” He won’t even explain what his proposed state income tax increase would be. His ‘fresh’ ideas are continually linked to higher taxes.

I opposed the increased fuel tax supported by Gov. Corbett but that was miniscule compared to the tax increases that are on the horizon should Tom Wolf or any other progressive of his ilk be elected. He would be no different than our former governor, Ed Rendell, who spent our commonwealth into near bankruptcy

Don’t be fooled by the false argument that our children will suffer because of the lack of funding for education. There has never been a reduction in state education spending under Corbett. Basic education funding increased by roughly 4.5 percent under Corbett since its previous high-water mark in 2008 – from $5.2 billion in 2008 to $5.5 billion in 2014. Most comparisons of lower funding were due to the cut-off of federal recession stimulus money and not due to state cuts. Yes, Corbett limited the percentile increase asked for by the liberals and their union allies but he never submitted a state budget that lessened the states contribution to education.

Tom Wolf is but another slick talker much like the one now occupying the White House and he will follow the lead of those who advance socialistic policies now rampant in Washington; they will not be limited to those already advanced such as: abortion, same sex marriage, destruction of welfare work programs therefore advancing the numbers rising higher and higher each year. Wolf and his cohorts speak of the middle class but how in the world has the middle class of any country been helped by the introduction of socialism? Know this: Tom Wolf and his ilk are but cogs in the gears of socialistic endeavor; they are intent to roll us down the hill absent the tenets upon which our great Republic was founded by wise and intelligent men.

Of course he is rather silent on limiting the access of guns to law abiding citizens but then I suspect, if elected, he would not be so quiet and will follow the same progressive lead of those gun haters who penalize law abiding citizens to the joy of criminals and those progressives not far across our border who have even gone from limiting access to private ownership of guns to the outright attempt to confiscate them. The 2nd amendment is a constitutional myth in their eyes.

Wolf is not silent in his opposition to voter ID laws which would protect the validity of each and every vote. Why is opposition of voter ID so important to democrats when in fact we already have to provide proof to see a doctor, buy liquor, drive a car, buy prescriptions, apply for welfare, and even show ID at the entry door at the Democrats Convention Halls? Voter ID protects my vote and yours. It cuts off fraud at

the core.

Neither the state nor the federal government can tax and spend us into prosperity. They often thwart industry under an umbrella of taxation that discourages private initiative.

A vote for Wolf would add to the burden now afflicting almost every single taxpayer in Pennsylvania and that includes those seniors who are unable to bear the increased costs not commensurate with minimized or non-existent cost of living adjustments.

A vote given to Rendell was a “fool me once” and a vote for Wolf would be “fool me twice.”

Diane Logan