Wolf ‘huffs and puffs,’ can’t blow Corbett down

To the editor:

If you repeat a lie long enough and consistently enough, it will come true. At least, that’s what Tom Wolf believes.

Whether it’s Tom Wolf’s preachy TV ads or the ramblings of the liberal media, the claim that Governor Tom Corbett cut education funding for Pennsylvania schools couldn’t be further from the truth. Many supporters of Tom Wolf seem to forget that when Governor Corbett took office, our state education system was being largely funded by a one-time federal stimulus signed by theirs truly, President Obama.

This was supposed to be used as a one-time hit to artificially boost the economy. As such, when the funding stream ended, it left a $900 million dollar hole in education funding. But thanks to the strong leadership of Governor Corbett, that hole is filled as we are now spending more in basic education than at any other time in our state’s history, and that’s a fact.

Tom Corbett is the only candidate in this race who is a former teacher himself and has a record of cutting wasteful spending in other areas so that we could find more state dollars to invest in education. And Tom Wolf? He’s out on the campaign trail claiming the exact opposite!

From now until Nov. 4, Tom Wolf will huff, and he’ll puff, and he will try to blow Tom Corbett’s record down, but he will ultimately fail every single time.

Jonathan Hayes