Wishes U.S. had leaders like former teacher

To the editor:

2008 to 2014 shall become known as the years America had no leader. There is a monarch wanna be but he is a reckless, narcissistic, selfish person who is trying to ruin America.

Congress isn’t doing their part, but at least the people of Virginia were smart enough to vote (Rep. Eric) Cantor out. Rangel should never have been voted back in and (Sen. Thad) Cochran of Mississippi is a disgraceful, dirty old man. Many of these incumbents need to be voted out so we can return our country to it’s competitive nature.

As a student at Chief Logan, my history teacher Jonas Yoder told the class about how a country was so proud of a needle they made that was as small as a strand of hair. Mr. Yoder said we returned the needle with an eye in it. I never forgot how America was so filled with brilliant minds.

Today we don’t have many teachers like Mr. Yoder and our children are at a great loss for it.

Connie Solano

Pearce, Ariz.

Formerly of Mifflin County