Takes issue with previous writer’s abortion stance

To the editor:

I would like to respond to John Brockett’s letter.

While you find it troubling that some men are vocal about their opposition to abortion, I find it admirable that they take their God-given role as protector of children seriously. Naturally, men don’t go through the physical part of child bearing. Women were given that special role by God. As for smart and nasty remarks to unwed pregnant women, married pregnant women are often subjected to rude, crude remarks by some people. You must forgive them.

All children are a blessing from God. When did some people decide that the work and sacrifice involved in raising children was a burden to endure instead of a joy to embrace?

God gave every child life. No woman has the right to choose to end the life of a child that is growing in her body. That child has his or her own God-given right to life.

Your excuses for promoting abortion are unacceptable. (1) I have had five babies. I had morning sickness, discomfort and pain. Never did I feel that these symptoms were a good excuse to kill my babies. (2) We raised five children who wanted an education beyond high school and paid for it themselves. Parents do not owe their children a college education. (3) Rape is traumatic. If the emotional distress of pregnancy prevents a woman from wanting to keep the child, she should give the child up for adoption. The innocent child should not have to pay with its life for the crime of its father. If a woman faces a pregnancy where no father will be around to help her, and she finds the prospect too overwhelming, adoption is the answer. (4) We have been broke. The providence of God and family helped us through. Being poor does not prevent you from raising a child properly. It’s not things you give a child that matter, it’s what you teach them. We need to teach our children to love God, their neighbor and respect for life.

Joyce Auker