State, national leaders disappoint yet again

To the editor:

Senator Rand Paul of Kentucky and Governor Rick Perry of Texas have been removed from my presidential hopeful list.

Rand Paul because he campaigned for Thad Chochran of Mississippi who has been in office before the Civil War and gave money to Democrats to vote for him June 24. They are part of the “good ol’ boys” club that needs removed from office.

Rick Perry because if he can’t stop the invasion of illegals on his southern border how can he make America safe? Obama and the feds aren’t enforcing the laws and Perry should enforce all laws on the books and turn them out as Mayor Long of Murrieta, Calif. did.

Now Pennsylvania has thousands of them bused and flown in for the hard working people Pennsylvania to take care of. Why didn’t the governor of Pennsylvania also reject taking them? We can’t offer care for our own citizens and going bankrupt as well. It’s called tough love.

Connie Solano

Pearce, Ariz.

Formerly of Mifflin County