In appreciation

To the editor:

The Derry Township Fire Police would like to thank the following donors for donating to the Derry Township Fire Police Fishing Tournament:

Domino’s Pizza, 777 Game Plan, Beauty+Barber, Dairy Queen, Subway (Lewistown), China Buffet, Bossert’s Hardware, Hess Tire, Auto Zone, Leeper Signs, Kish Printing, KFC, JP Edwards, Giant (Burnham), Pop’s Deli, Schmidts Pizza, Ave. Apparel, Bohn Furniture, 4 Star Coin, Vinne’s Pizza, Creek Health Care+Patio, Long John Silvers, Pizza Hut, West End, Advance Auto, Blyer’s Automotive, Tractor Supply, Sherman-Williams Paint, Trolley Car, Dunkin Donuts, Burnham OIP, Rich Coast Coffee, Millers Furniture, Gene Mitchel, Bush Beer+Lingle Dist., Parson’s Towing, Wilson’s Meats, Relax Inn, Bargin Beer+Soda, S+S Trash, Dan Pierce Outdoor, Decatur Sportmen’s Club, Mount Union Beverage, Riverfront Store, Toots’ Place, Family Auto LLC, Big Valley Beverage, Valley Sports’N Outdoor’s LLC.

Derry Township Fire Police