Feels personal agendas trump taxpayer concerns

To the editor:

If we have learned anything about the works of Armagh Township, we have learned that personal agenda takes precedence over taxpayers’ response.

Over the past few months, the Armagh Township Supervisor meetings have been heated with much concern and questions by the Armagh Township citizens who have been referred to as riff-raff and now misfits. Many of the issues brought to the table by these citizens were not answered or even addressed. In fact, meetings were adjourned as soon as issues like changing the meeting times were expressed.

Dear people, there has been one agenda item acted upon. At the June meeting, it was suggested by the wife of Mr. Reed (Armagh Township Supervisor), that a walking track be installed at the elementary school. Guess what? The installation of this track has begun. How can this project be justified when no other concerns, suggestions, or proposals by any other Armagh Township citizen were addressed or even offered discussion about? There is already a walking track in Armagh Township that seems adequate. If the township employees would focus more on the infrastructure of our township, we could easily and safely walk around our homes.

Second, if I recall correctly, Mr. Boyer or Mr. Reed could not clearly define how the township was going to pay for major infrastructure projects like paving roads or bridge repairs but somehow there are no questions as to the extra funds that are available to fuel the township equipment to work on this walking track. As a project coordinator myself, time, money, and resources are all part of project costs. These gentlemen tried to explain that the walking track is not costing a voluminous amount of dollars; however, actual money is not the only cost involved. Time and resources also play a large role, and when we have bridges closed, roads crumbling, pot holes causing flat tires, and unsafe road ways, a walking track should not be a township’s priority. These kinds of decisions are blatantly irresponsible.

Lastly, the Armagh Township office was moved quite abruptly to the elementary school with no notice or communication announcement to the citizens of Armagh Township. Phone lines and computers were disconnected with no warning or public statement. Why such the rush and why such a sudden move? Are there hidden motives? One can only ask.

As actions continue to show, our elected officials repeatedly choose to disregard the obvious and look for ways to ignore and mock us as taxpayers and citizens. Keep in mind, responsive governance is the key to the restoration in trust in government and public office is a position that involves professionalism, respect, integrity, and citizen engagement. When these key factors fall short, what is left? In a local government so blemished with corruption, inefficiency, and effectiveness, restoring that trust is primordial.

Michelle L. (Riden) Fisher