Democratic leadership has hurt U.S. over the years

To the editor:

Notice to all veterans: We have one more battle. If we lose this one we lose the USA that we fought for. I am listing the Democratic Party as the first target because of the weakness of the past presidents that I served under. Truman fired McArthur and turned the Korean War into a stalemate: No win situation because he was afraid of China. China was already in the war. Russian pilots were flying the migs better then, even though they didn’t have the bombs or equipment they have today.

Jimmy Carter gave the Panama Canal away and surrendered our embassy people to Iran. He could have asked Congress for a declaration of war and told the Ayatollah that we are sending airliners to pick up our people, and, if any of them are murdered as retaliation the next wave of planes you see will be wave after wave of bombers until there isn’t anything of value left standing.

Lyndon B. Johnson, for another example: Any vet from Vietnam knew with the rules of engagement there wasn’t any way to win. I flew over every inch of Vietnam from the DMZ to Hue, Phubi, Phanrang to the Mekong Delta. Bomb craters touching bomb craters for miles. Had we dropped that ordinance on North Vietnam they wouldn’t have had anything left to send south. Again, a lot of blood for nothing.

Now Obama, raised in a mosque by Muslims who hated each other and anything American, Jew or Christian, had his thought process formed through them. After he got to Chicago he surrounded himself with haters. Bill Ayers, the underground bomber, got Obama his start in politics and who can forget Preacher Wright? How long did he sit under that hater and listen to his sermons? Obama is a very intelligent man. He learned from Reagan how to destroy the USSR by making them spend themselves into bankruptcy. He isn’t making boneheaded decisions, he is using these tactics against America deliberately. Every vet should defend the Constitution as written and the Bill of Rights, and defend clearly defined and protected borders and a superior military.

Problems that are not taken care of when they occur just get larger and larger as the years go by.

Please help by sending this message to all American Legions, VFWs and newspapers in all states.

Also, be sure to vote.

Retired Air Force Master Sgt. Kenneth E. Keister