Common Core is no good for America’s children

To the editor:

When I was in nursing school I was required to take a course in child development. In this class I learned the appropriate developmental milestones for children at different ages. I am sure if you have any kids in your family or if you know any kids you know what I am talking about. A parent is always so proud when their child meets the next milestone.

Everyone is happy when their child meets the appropriate milestone (walking, talking, reading, writing, math) for their age. What happens when you give a child something to do that is above their social/cognitive ability? The child becomes fearful and irritable. This outcome is similar to what happens when you challenge many of our senators and representatives on certain issues.

And Common Core is one of those issues.

Common Core is the new school curriculum for children in kindergarten through grade 12.

1. This curriculum does not meet the age-appropriate milestones for your child, which can cause fear and anxiety in the child.

2. The teaching goals and methods are not age-appropriate.

For example, protocols for doing simple arithmetic are unnecessarily complex and confusing to kids (and even adults).

This will not encourage our kids but will discourage our kids from learning.

We are told that these standards are benchmarked to higher national and international standards, but what’s the higher national standard and what country are they comparing us to? They never tell us.

They tell us our kids will be able to compete in the global market because of the Common Core curriculum. How do we know this is true if these methods have never been tested?

And, if we already have people from the U.S. working overseas in global markets, then what can Common Core do for our kids that traditional education hasn’t already done?

Why do we allow legislators, governors, the federal government and the liberal elite to use our children as guinea pigs?

Common Core does not encourage individualism or creative thinking. A child must conform to the collective opinions of his classmates even if their consensus opinion is wrong.

Common Core subverts the cardinal principles and patriotism underlying United States history and emphasizes the idea that government should make us global citizens instead of American citizens.

The people who benefit most from common core are “select” companies such as the Gates Foundation, Penn State University, and the University of Pittsburgh that work on testing and other materials for Common Core. These entities stand to make millions of dollars on the backs of your children. The total cost to citizens will be in the billions of dollars and our children will be no better off.

And changing the name of Common Core to Pennsylvania Common Core or stating that it is state-based does not negate the fact that it takes away parents’ rights and invades family privacy. Under Common Core, teachers ask your children intrusive questions such as “do your parents sleep in the same room?” And “do your parents own guns?”

Why does the government want to know this personal information and why are they asking your child inappropriate questions all under the farce of offering your child a better education?

In summary, Common Core devalues family ties and indoctrinates your child into liberal thinking. Common Core teaching methods are not age-appropriate and do not promote individualism or creative thinking.

Common Core is overly intrusive.

We need you to contact your legislators and tell them that you oppose Common Core.

Our children are our future!

Lisa Nancollas

Mifflin County Tea Party Patriots

Pa. State Coordinator Tea Party Patriots