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Attacks on coal emissions limits seem spurious

To the editor:

I can’t quite understand The Sentinel’s scurrilous attacks on President Obama’s actions to control carbon dioxide emissions from coal fired power plants.

I wish the editor would attribute the source of the so-called facts regarding the expected severe economic impact of the new EPA regulations further limiting carbon dioxide emissions. These regulations are designed to remove the poison dumped into the air we breathe and not to put “hundreds of thousands” of people out of work.

Most, if not all of the plants will be replaced by plants fueled by natural gas which is in plentiful supply. And this transition will be done over many years, not overnight as implied. The cost of electricity has not at all been determined. It might even be cheaper.

The Sentinel for some reason has become the spokesman for the extremists associated with the coal industry who see the writing on the wall accurately foretelling the demise of the industry, at least in the U.S. All good things do eventually come to an end. The neighborhood shoe maker, the local tailor and baker. Every town used to have a blacksmith and an ice and a milk man.

I come from the anthracite area of Pennsylvania which at one time was a booming coal based economy. The industry is now only a shadow of what it was. What about the sand industry that used to be such a vibrant part of the economy locally? All things change. Change is difficult to take especially when it affects the bottom line of the coal industry. I urge The Sentinel to stop promoting the coal industry’s selfish propaganda.

Larry Baker


Standards for government vehicle insurance too low

To the editor:

I wanted to inform the public about insurance on police cars, emergency vehicles and municipalities.

I was hit the other day from someone driving a (local municipality’s) vehicle. They have government insurance. I come to find out from the insurance agent that all these vehicles with this insurance have limited liability. They don’t have to pay except for a very few items. Out of pocket expenses.

Your own insurance has to pay for everything. Plus, you are not allowed to sue them. Now if you hit them, you have to pay everything. Isn’t that nice? This was signed in by our own wonderful government. Gee, wonder why? Maybe they have the same insurance. Just remember. They don’t need to worry about hitting you. You will pay for everything wether it’s your fault or not. So be careful and remember if a government vehicle hits you, no matter what, you will be paying.

Jeanne Hall


Appeal warranted in ruling on definition of marriage

To the editor:

Pope Francis recently said, “The image of God is the married couple: the man and the woman; not only the man, not only the woman, but both of them together. This is the image of God: love, God’s covenant with us is represented in that covenant between man and woman. And this is very beautiful!”

Theresa Gaffney, Clerk of the Orphan’s Court of Schuylkill County, is working to protect the beauty of marriage between one man and one woman in Pennsylvania. She has filed a motion to intervene in the recent federal district case that declared unconstitutional the law defining marriage between one man and one woman.

An appeal is necessary so that the judicial process is not abandoned. The people of Pennsylvania deserve to hear from the Court of Appeals on this important issue because a single judge should not be able to nullify the will of the majority without an appeal.

Paul Parowski


Donation appreciated

To the editor:

I would like to take the time to thank the Charles M. “Bud” Miller estate for the donation toward the purchase of a new scoreboard for the Juniata Little Indians Football Association. The donation was greatly appreciated.

Stephen Harlan

Juniata Little Indians

Football President

Readers’ opinions

Woman voices her

frustration with the

Corbett administration

To the editor:

Dear Governor Corbett: I am a Conservative, the widow of a combat veteran now buried at Fort Indiantown Gap National Cemetery, living in the mid-state section of our commonwealth. My husband and I moved here after retiring believing that the taxes we were presented with at that time were reasonable, somewhat akin to those of the state we had previously lived and worked in, North Carolina.

How misguided we were. We suffered under Rendell but now that suffering has even been exacerbated due to the policies of those we trusted.

I am now witnessing your surrender to those who would use lust as a comparison to marriage and those who would use pseudo protective law to justify the killing of an innocent life in the womb. What next … give into the murder of innocents whether unborn or at life’s end?

Sir, you seem to be playing into the hands of those who ask for political moderation when in fact they demand you give up your principles – which it seems you are so willing to do to gain another term in office.

How could you NOT defend the mandate by the citizens to protect marriage as between a man and a woman? How is that not an option?

In my 74 years of life I have never missed voting in any primary nor election; this year I did. I am not going to rubberstamp a candidate with my vote simply because he is running unopposed in the primary. Give me valued choice and I will run to the polls.

Sir, your increase of gasoline taxes I tried to defend. But then I realized that those of us who NEED our cars absent of public transportation will be raped. Yes sir, raped!

Why support with gas taxes those who use rapid/public transport by hiking those dependent on no other means of transport? Why not increase their user fares comparable to those of us who pay for the gasoline to move about? How about not placing the burden on those of us who need automobiles who cannot choose the option of not using them?

We here in the mid-state do not have alternative options.

It is apparent that the taxes on propane fuel need an adjustment, but you are allowing your opponent to use that issue as a means to attack you. How many more ignorant favors will you grant him and his ilk who are forever wanting to burden us with higher taxes, a proposition they run on being that is their socialistic philosophy. Yes, all suppliers of energy should be taxed equally, none being exempt and none being abused nor the citizens they service.

People are wondering why not tax the gas producers instead of your making the claim that state educational funding is increasing when in fact my school taxes in Juniata County this year alone will be increased by over 2 percent, far above the senior citizens COLA raise of less than that. But why the burden upon the seniors who have no recourse but to make up the added taxes either by getting a part-time service job to make up for the added expense, or do without medicines or food or shiver during those cold winter days in order to simply ante up.

Sir, if you wish to serve another term, one I had previously supported with donations to your campaign, then I think you had best get your position more clear and your values more presentable for those like me. Otherwise, I will not once again vote for what appears to be the lesser of two evils.

Diane Logan