Mayor Deb Bargo does an excellent job

To the editor:

A big thanks goes out to Mayor Deb Bargo for doing a quick and excellent job. I live up by the Lewistown Library playground and about 3:30 the Saturday evening before Easter, I left my apartment and walked down by the playground beside the library and there were about 20 kids and adults at the playground. I walked down and returned at about 4:30 p.m. and all the kids and adults were gone. I walked up the stairs to my apartment and a man pulled in the upper end of the library’s parking lot. There was a man sitting on his tailgate of his truck. The man got out of his car and started to go toward the man sitting on his tailgate and stopped and came back to his car and reached in his car window. He knocked the car out gear and his car started going down the parking lot and ended up in the parking lot and ended up in the playground. It knocked over the garbage can and ended up beside the bench where it came to rest. Luckily for all that all the kids and adults had just left. This could of been a big disaster. Thank God for looking over our kids. I went down to talk to the mayor and told her what had happened and to see what could be done to see that this doesn’t happen again. We talked about putting up a post or barriers to prevent this. The mayor told me that she would make some phone calls and talk to some people that work in the borough to see what could be done. Monday, June 2, 2014, some of the borough workers showed up at the playground and started to install posts filled with concrete so a car cannot get into the playground where the kids play. The borough workers did a good job. Mayor Bargo showed her utmost concern over this near disaster and should be really complemented for doing a quick and responsible job for the safety of our kids at the Lewistown playground at the library.

David L. Habbershon