Get all the information and decide for yourself

To the editor:

In my morning review of the news and letters to the editor, the conclusion I come to is obvious. We are definitely a divided society.

The question is how long can this behavior continue not only nationally but locally? At all levels in society everybody thinks they are right and nobody really takes the time to listen and think before they speak.

Side A claims they have God on their side but if only they would actually read the scriptures written so long ago and think about what the meaning is and truly apply it to their personal lives, then put it into practice in public.

Conversely, side B claims they are more intelligent and are free thinking and some claim there is no God and mankind can come to the proper solutions himself.

I have a challenge for both groups. My challenge to side A is to actually read and apply those truths you so dearly hold on to, not just weekly but daily. In reading the recent opinion letters and Open Line, I have a suggestion for Side A. Take some time today and review James 1:19-27 and James chapter 3. Mull it over in your mind.

As for side B, if you are truly free thinkers and claim to be open to all ideas, my challenge to you is to actually read the Bible and compare it to the other philosophies you embrace. Be honest with yourself and do it unbiasedly. The book of John is a good one to start with.

By now you might come to the conclusion that I’m side A. Actually, I’m neither side A nor side B. I have compared the Bible with the other philosophys and I come to this conclusion: that the writings of the Bible are true and I try to apply it in my life. The biggest truth is we’re not perfect and there is hope for all of us. But it’s up to you to come to your own conclusion.

Jeffrey C. Baumgardner