Food safety should be legislators’ top priority

To the editor:

State Representative Mike Fleck got his picture on the front page of our local newspaper, The (Huntingdon) Daily News, by agreeing with another legislator, Mike Reese, that welfare recipients should not be permitted to buy tobacco products or lottery tickets with their welfare checks.

Fleck said he’s supporting Reese’s bill to ban such purchases. Fleck, who is seeking reelection, declared that “eliminating waste is something we could all agree on.” Reese, a Republican, said he’s been working on his bill for more than two years.

While I’m sure welfare reform is an important issue, an issue which impacts every man, woman and child in Pennsylvania and in America every day of our lives is the safety of our food and water.

I want Representatives Fleck and Reese and every member of the State Legislature to make this safety of our food and water their number one priority.

1. The Legislature needs to defeat Governor Corbett’s proposal to extend fracking, which already is a threat to our precious drinking water, into our state parks. Fracking, itself, the pumping of a mixture of chemicals into the ground to release natural gas deposits, should be barred.

2. Join Connecticut and Maine in passing legislation requiring the labeling of genetically engineered foods.

These steps would be a start in protecting our state’s vital resources.

Eugene R. Goshorn

Mount Union