Don’t jump to conclusions about people or turbines

To the editor:

This letter is in response to Jason S. Lynn Sr.’s letter of June 4.

It seems you are jumping to things you do not know as fact. What makes you think Mr. Deibert is a Republican? … When someone has a different opinion from you are they automatically Republican or watch Fox News? Are they inferior to your college education? You sound like an elitist without common sense. It is a fact that birds and bats are being killed by the wind turbines. So you want to add to the destruction of the bird population by turbines, since not enough of them are being killed by cats? Is that what you are saying, it’s OK to add to the killing?

You talk about the millions paid to politicians to pass bills to benefit oil and gas. It is a fact that if not for government subsidy, wind turbines would not be built. Private industry has chosen not to go into this field as it is not profitable without the subsidy. Mr. Lynn, follow the money! These builders are not interested in the energy produced by the turbines, estimated at only 25 percent capacity on Jacks Mountain. They are only interested in the subsidy for building the turbines! Once they are built, these foreign companies will probably sell them.

There are many scientists who say our global climate is cooling. It seems to me that it is a toss-up as to who you listen to. … We who are Friends of Jacks Mountain are not totally against wind turbines, we just don’t see the need to tear down the top of a mountain and destroy it to build up to 90 forty-story structures that will possibly only last 25 years. We are a mixture, possibly some Republicans, some Democrats, and some independents. To be honest, we never ask which party one belongs to, nor do we care. This issue crosses party lines and is not political. … Are you afraid of what you might learn that may give you something to think about?

Where is your concern for the environment when they are blowing up the top of the mountain and possibly destroying our water source? We are on wells and streams that come from the natural flow off the mountain. The destruction of 100 feet or more from the top of the mountain, road and platform construction and the aftermath of those cement platforms will change the flow and natural seepage of the water. There will be no recourse to the residents should their water be made dirty or the flow changed.

Do you even care? I guess since you live in Burnham you are on city water, so you will not be impacted by the construction. Where is your concern that these turbines will only produce possibly 25 percent of their capability, however, the destructions will last thousands of years into the future and we are leaving this to our children? Don’t try and sell your environmental concern for our children when you are willing to destroy a mountain. Don’t try and sell us on your conservation issues when our water source is destroyed! Build the turbines where the land can be restored to its original state and your neighbors’ water source is not changed or destroyed. Don’t build them on Jacks Mountain or Stone Mountain.

Mary Hayes