Disappointed with Corbett’s DOMA decision

To the editor:

Dear Governor Corbett,

I am extremely disappointed with your decision not to appeal the court ruling against the 1996 state law affirming marriage as only between one man and one woman.

You are allowing the opinion of one man, Judge John Jones III, to overrule the vote of the people of Pennsylvania through their legislators. Marriage is a historic institution to be defined and administered over by the individual states. And the ruling of the Supreme Court last year did not lay that fundamental principle aside.

Now, you as a government leader are caving in to temporal political counsel and to “skewed” opinion polls across the nation. How can those factors be more critical than 2,000 years of religious and civil history and more than 300 years of the American experience?

As a retired news director for a central Pennsylvania radio station, I always admired the objective manner in which you handled legal issues here in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania. And for those reasons, I voted you to be governor of Pennsylvania.

However, your decision to “stand down” on this very critical issue of marriage represents nothing less than your caving in to the passing opinions of the sensate culture we are living in. And this is a legal judgment that will affect everyone, not just certain contestants in a court case.

I appeal to you to reverse your decision and out of moral courage and fortitude support the long historical, social and religious history that shows marriage to be an institution covenanting a man and a woman in the sacred bonds of marriage.

Charles Stump