Believes merits take precedence over agenda

To the editor:

On June 16, Armagh Township supervisors held a recessed meeting at 3:30 p.m. to fill one of the positions of auditor due to a resignation. Here it was presented to the residents that two people submitted letters for the position. One candidate sent all three supervisors a resume and a cover letter detailing an extensive work history and background in finances and budgets. The second person simply submitted a page with a few sentences asking for consideration for the position with no additional information or job history listed that would demonstrate having any knowledge of the job’s requirements.

In addition, supervisor Gregg Bitner stated that he did not receive a copy of said letter from the second candidate. When supervisor chair Glen Boyer was questioned by Bitner as to what qualifications this candidate had over the first one, Boyer could not give any concrete details. Bitner, with support of the residents that were present, nominated the more experienced candidate, and Boyer and Mike Reed nominated the less-qualified and unable to adequately apply for a job candidate over an experienced one.

This result may not make much sense to some or may seem trivial; that is, until you factor in where the first candidate stands on holding our supervisors accountable for their financial decisions and actions. “AH-HA!” one might say. I say, when will experience and qualifications finally get to trump personal agendas in the township? When will certain supervisors finally agree to support what the residents want, and be willing to work alongside the people of Armagh Township who can make it a better community?

Liza Wilson