Agrees with previous writer that turbines are bad

To the editor:

To expand upon an extremely good and factual letter by Don Wert, of Belleville, which blows holes in the letter to the editor of Jason Lynn Sr., favoring the building of wind turbines on Jacks and Stone Mountains, let me add a few more thoughts.

It was already found that by a study of wind currents in the region where the wind farms are to be built, that even in ideal conditions the wind speed averages are marginal at best.

The only way that these wind farms will be profitable is because they will be subsidized by the United States government – that means tax dollars – that means money from my pocket and your pocket – this means that we pay twice for the electricity produced.

We pay the producers profit to start with, then we pay for the electricity when we use it – that means we pay twice so that this company can ruin our mountains and so that the company can make money. It’s great for the company, but a total loss for us.

This situation will last for approximately 10 years when the subsidies run out. Then this company will close down operations because they will no longer be able to make a profit. They will move on but we will be left with the blight and the ruination of our mountains forever.

You don’t have to be a rocket scientist to see that this is a bad deal all around for the residents of this area.

Stephen Sellers