Response is offered to letter backing turbines

To the editor:

The sky is falling! The sky is falling!

There’s a fable about a chicken who gets hit on the head with an acorn and runs around predicting the sky is about to fall. The moral of the story is: To the chicken – check your facts and to his listeners, don’t believe everything submitted by a Burnham chicken.

My article is in response to Jason Lynn’s letter to the editor, addressing the comment that 3.7 billion birds die annually from feral and domestic cats worldwide. I must admit Mr. Lynn, this one is an award winner. Where in the world did you grab that figure? Is it possible that 3.8 billion feral and domestic cats exist worldwide? That would allot less than one bird per year per cat. That’s a bit less than the windmill grinds up. I vote for the cat!

You claim that we’re introducing too much carbon into the atmosphere negatively affecting our global climate. A little over 10 million years ago, the ice fields of Greenland started melting. I can vaguely remember the citizens being told to stop burning coal, build tall wind towers and your private glacier might depreciate in value but it will still be here in 2014. They were told, too late, that global temperature – warming and cooling – is cyclic. I would suggest Mr. Lynn, you switch to another network and do some unbiased research.

About the idiots we put into office and no politician that you can think of that does the right thing but creates laws that net them the most money; I believe there’s a psychological name for that avenue of thinking but it presently escapes me.

You say our tall structures are more dangerous than turbines. When I see the tip of the Empire State Building rotating at over 100 miles per hour, I’ll give you an A+ for astute observation. Today it’s fashionable to “make the place safe our children and grandchildren.” I see you’re no exception. What I don’t see is your name on a ballot attempting to make a change for your “children and grandchildren.”

Now, your dislike of objection to wind turbines. These people are not objecting to wind turbines, they object to projects that endanger our neighbors who will reap the harm that will come their way. I would venture to say they would object to an explosive manufacturing facility, a nuclear waste dump; strip mining Freedom Avenue or a project that might even endanger you.

I would suggest you attend one of the Save Jacks Mountain meetings. You might gain some insight into the people elected to office or the citizens that are fighting for your interests.

I am a mechanical engineer and it’s obvious that you don’t have to be brighter than a 1928 penny to see that the proposed wind generation is one of the greatest hoaxes ever perpetrated on the American people – second only to Affordable Health Care. It has as much chance of success as pushing an orange off of the table and expecting it to fall to the ceiling.

Now give it your best rebuttal Mr. Lynn; you won’t get a response from me. I don’t argue with someone with your sense of value; it reduces me to their level.

Charles E. Deibert