Resident goes to bat for Armagh supervisors

To the editor:

As a resident of Armagh Township I feel that I must reply to these negative letters that have been published in The Sentinel. I have been attending township meetings for quite some time. I have an interest in the progress of Armagh Township. I have been very disappointed in the negative and downright rude behavior of these so called “Citizens for Change in Armagh Township” or “CCAT.” A few unhappy residents are quick to blame and incite others to benefit their cause, even going to the extent of embarrassing themselves by starting a township-bashing Facebook page acting like teenagers.

Township supervisors are entitled to health insurance coverage. All supervisors in the state of Pennsylvania are entitled to this benefit. I was present at the township meeting with Greg Bitner submitted his letter for this health insurance benefit at a cost of more than $20,000 to the township. Glen Boyer should not be criticized for accepting a benefit that he is entitled to when the other supervisors accepted the same benefit. Mr. Bitner states the police are too expensive and wanted to lay off the part-time officer. Mr. Bitner’s health insurance costs more than the salary of that same police officer.

I also am aware that at least two township supervisors do more than sit at a meeting once a month. They are responsible for the running of the township, this requires hours of checking rules and regulations, responding to residential complaints, checking courthouse records, attending fire company meetings, attending sewer board meetings (which Mr. Bitner passed up on to attend the “CCAT” meeting), coordinating road crews and during the flood disaster, when Mr. Reed and Mr. Boyer were both unable to come into town, they coordinated all of their work crew and cleanup efforts over the phone until Mr. Boyer and Mr. Reed were able to come in and check flood damage. Mr. Boyer is also in charge of building permits and inspecting septic tanks for which he receives no pay.

I can’t believe that anyone would actually complain about the purchase of the Armagh Elementary building. This is a prime piece of property now owned by the township. It is in a beautiful location and when all of our township officers and our Senior Center are consolidated into one building it will bring unity to our community.

I attend township meetings to keep informed of the progress of our community. I have seen many positive changes in the last couple of years. The establishment of our own police department is a very positive addition to our town. The building of the Milroy Veterans Memorial, the addition of the new fountain in the square and the purchase of the school for the community center are also positives.

I have attended the same township meetings as the “CCAT” have. We are not on our way to financial ruin as they would like everyone to believe. I see that the bills are being paid every month and we continue to prosper. This is because the supervisors are responsible and know how to take care of our township. After all, they have had the experience of doing this for several years. Our township needs the positive support of all our residents, not this negative dissent. If you have a question about any of this, come to a township meeting at 3:30 p.m. on June 2 and see for yourself how some of these people behave, you would certainly get an education. These people should use the same passion to do something constructive for their community. Spreading hatred will do nothing but divide and ruin our town.

Linda Gilmore

Armagh Township