Mount Unity Day created to bring town together

To the editor:

Mount Unity Day is the best day ever with tons of activities and tons of fun! The fun started Friday, May 2 at 12:30 p.m. with community clean up. Students and adults helped pick up trash on the streets, paint buildings, and clean up garden areas. Activities continued to Saturday, May 3 at the Mount Union Little League fields at 9 a.m. Some of the activities included the hot dog eating contest, the hit, pitch and run contest, the chili cook-off, Mount Union Idol, Unity in our Community Dance, Little Mr. and Mrs. Mount Union, Little League games, and much more.

According to Mrs. Gretchen Crouse the purpose of Mount Unity Day is to bring everybody together. Mount Unity Day started in 2012 and is hoping to bring in more children and adults of the community to participate this year. If you could not attend, you can still help out the town by cleaning up trash and planting flowers.

You can thank Mr. Jeremy Crouse and Mrs. Gretchen Crouse for everything at Mount Unity Day. They started PlanetLoveJoy and with the help of others they created this amusing weekend. If you want more information visit their website, or email Mr. Jeremy Crouse at

Hope you came to Mount Unity Day! This was a great opportunity to help your town and spend time with friends and family. What a blast!

Tommy Huff Jr.

Third Grade Student

Miss Miller’s class

Kistler Elementary