Wants change in MCSD board, administration

To the editor:

I have had all I can stand of the Mifflin County School District administrators and the sell-out board members who were voted in to be our voice. The thought of an 8.1-percent property tax increase simply boils my blood. Just the words uttered by Mary Lou Sigler of tough decisions to be made tells me one thing. Prepare to tighten those belts even more. The problem is there are only so many loops on a belt and like many that belt is already tight enough. We have to live within a budget and every payday the majority of us have tough decisions to make.

Every election year I hear board members pledge to hold our school administrators fiscally responsible. At what point is this going to occur? I believe our entire administration needs to be replaced and frankly I feel the same of any board member who votes to increase property taxes. You were voted in to be our voice and we cannot afford this increase. The people who voted for you do not want an increase.

When the new high school was built we were told it was because the Indian Valley building was too expensive to repair. Then we bring in a superintendent at a higher salary than the previous one and now I see we are fixing up the Indian Valley building that was too expensive to repair. To top it off we are looking at this 8.1-percent increase.

Why has the board failed to make some tough decisions at the administrative level? What makes those in the ivory tower so untouchable? Let’s get rid of our chief financial officer and put those duties on the well-paid superintendent. Balancing a budget should be part of his job, considering he does make a hefty six-figure salary.

Here’s another tough decision: Let’s eliminate the vice principal position with exception to the high school. I’d also like to see reductions in pay for all administrators, similar to the low tactic they pulled on the custodial staff. These are tough times, right school board members? I mean “tough decisions” have to be made, right?

Fact of the matter is this will never happen because most are sell-outs that lack any intestinal fortitude to do so. I would love to see a board that truly represents the community.

My advice is for every property owner to show up when they vote at the end of the month, and demand that our school board make the difficult decision to stand up for us. If you choose to sit back and let them misrepresent us, there will come a day when you regret it.

Mark Romig