Dairy royalty finds pupils, teachers accommodating

To the editor:

Many times we read about bad things about our schools, but I wanted to share something positive. Almost a year ago I was crowned the SUN Area Dairy Princess. During my reign, I had a goal to visit at least one elementary school in each school district.

In my area in which there are 11 school districts, I admit I was scared that teachers would judge me on where I came from or how I presented myself, but after traveling to many school districts I have realized that we have really great teachers and our students are very well behaved.

When I visit schools, I read the kids a story that teaches them it is ok to be different and that bullying is not good and I also make bookmarkers with the students, on which they have to draw their favorite dairy products.

So far I have visited Kelly, West Snyder, Danville, Shamokin Annex, Chief Shikellamy, Mifflinburg, Trevorton, and Montandon elementary schools and have received great comments from teachers at the schools and also from friends and family who work in these school districts. Schools have been very welcoming and appreciative that I came. We are so blessed to have wonderful teachers, staff, and very well behaved students at our schools in the area. That’s something all of us can be proud of.

Ashley Wetzel

SUN Area Dairy Princess