Big ‘D’ gives high marks to people of Lewistown

To the editor:

Hello. My name is Dennis Marcucci. If you listen to WKVA on Saturday mornings, you will know me as Big “D.” I host a syndicated oldies/doo wop program called the “Doo Wop Vault.” Recently I had the pleasure of spending three days in Lewistown for the purpose of being interviewed on WKVA’s morning show “KVA Today” with morning DJ Erik Lane and to stop by WKVA’s table at Kid Connection.

I have to tell you, which is the reason I’m writing this letter, from the moment I arrived, I was treated not like a stranger but as a neighbor. Everywhere I went, the people of Lewistown were the most friendly, gracious, helpful, hospitable people I have ever met. The town is, by the way, beautiful and very clean. I stopped by Laskaris Restaurant in downtown Lewistown to have breakfast. From the moment I got there, he was the most friendly, gracious host, along with the two waitresses Sissy and Jamie.

There are plenty more experiences I can share as to how helpful the people of Lewistown were to me, but it would fill up your page. So I will sign off in the same manner as I do on my show “… this is not goodbye, it’s just goodnight, and I’ll catch you on the flipside.”

Look forward to coming back.

Dennis Marcucci