Asks for write-in votes for 81st District hopeful

To the editor:

Election day, May 20 is rapidly approaching and as some of you know we in the new 81st Legislative District have a very important choice facing us. I should mention that the re-worked 81st district will now include all of Huntingdon County. In Centre County it will include Port Matilda Borough, all of Halfmoon, Taylor and Worth townships and part of Patton and Ferguson townships and in Mifflin County it will include Wayne Township as well as Kistler and Newton Hamilton boroughs.

I am asking for your write in vote for Rich Irvin. If you have been following the news you may know that Rich Irvin will not appear on the May 20 ballot because of an omission on the part of his campaign to file a duplicate copy of a statement he had already filed with the Pennsylvania Department of State. Rich Irvin was certified and placed on the ballot, but because of a court challenge and judgment from a Pennsylvania Commonwealth Court judge, Rich Irvin was removed from the ballot. I would like to add that at least two other petitioners for state office, who made the same error in filing duplicate paper work and used the same basic defense as Rich Irvin, were tried by a different Commonwealth Court Judge and were allowed to remain on the May 20 ballot.

The people should choose who will best represent them, not the courts. For this reason Rich Irvin will be running a write in campaign and seeking votes for both the Democratic and Republican nomination.

Rich Irvin is a life long resident of Spruce Creek where he resides with his wife Jamie and their four children. He holds an accounting degree. Imagine someone in Harrisburg who will actually keep track of where the money goes. Rich has been the Huntingdon County Treasurer for the past seventeen-plus years. I will add that he and his staff have served in this capacity with unmatched professionalism and customer service for every resident, regardless of their social or political stature and Rich Irvin will do the same as our State Legislator.

On the social issues Rich Irvin will fight for our right to keep and bear arms, he will protect the unborn and preserve traditional marriage.

Rich Irvin will work hard for true property tax reform not some cookie cutter approach as proposed by our current representative. Rich will work to provide and education for every child that develops the child’s maximum potential. As representative Rich will support term limits for elected officials to stop the career politicians and their hold on power and their wasteful spending.

Rich Irvin is a common sense citizen who will be an effective common sense leader in Harrisburg as our state legislator from the 81st District.

Examine the record and values of both candidates and you decide who will vote your values.

I urge you to write in Rich Irvin for Representative of the 81st Legislative District for both the Republican and Democratic ballots this May 20th. You must darken the oval for write-in and correctly spell Rich Irvin.

Scott Walls

Walker Township