Warning to women: The liberal judges don’t care

To the editor:

This message is for you ladies. These liberal Democrats tell you only they care about you. They see you get your contraceptive pill and have a choice. What they don’t tell you is they’ll see that liberal judges enforce dead-beat fathers to pay child support.

How many women are awarded child support but never get it? Many work more than one job or collect welfare and get food stamps, which passes it off to taxpayers. The dead-beat dads have more children and forget the innocent, hungry child the liberal judges don’t care about.

You should never hate your ex-wife more than you love your child. It’s the innocent child the liberal judges can totally forget about. They can’t vote yet.

Have you ever sat down to a meal and tried to serve a judgment papers? To an innocent child?

Ladies don’t be fooled into thinking liberals are on your side. If you think you can’t afford your birth control pills wait until you have to go hungry to pay for food for your child because a dead-beat dad doesn’t pay and a liberal judge doesn’t enforce the payments.

Hey judges, that’s what jails are for.

Connie Nearhood Solano

Pearce, Ariz.

Formerly of Vira