Voting can make a big difference in your wallet

To the editor:

In a recent political ad, Gov. Corbett claims to have lowered taxes. However, the only taxes that were lowered or eliminated were those for corporations. The state income tax and sales tax rate remain the same.

Taxes for most of us were actually raised. The increase in the gas tax and motorists’ fees won’t affect corporate profits, and when Gov. Corbett cut funding for public education by more than $1 billion, most public schools had to raise the property taxes that you pay on rented or owned property.

Additionally, 20,000 good jobs were lost and more than 200 neighborhood schools were closed statewide. Instead of providing 50 percent of the funding for public schools, the state is only funding 32 percent. Shame on the Republicans.

How you vote affects your wallet, just like the increases in the new gas tax and motorists’ fees as well as higher property taxes. However, you can’t vote if you aren’t registered, and that’s your responsibility. Your vote can make a big difference.

David L. Faust