Thanks to all who backed Rockin’ Relief for Terrace

To the editor:

I don’t know where to start! Thank you to everyone that helped pull this Rockin’ Relief for the Terrace Benefit together on Sunday. I am humbled by the wonderful loving people in this town. Together we raised $1,617 in just eight hours – awesome!

Thank you to all the musicians that performed free of charge so that money could be raised for the folks that lost so much. I’ve said it before: Band people are great people, so giving … thank you!

If you can, go out and support these bands: B-Side Ave., Rhyne McCormick, Ganister, His Boy Elroy, Sunset Stripped, Junkhouse, The Goodnight Revelry, A.B.M. (A Beautiful Mess) and “Big” Jim and Willie with Flash J Lighting & Sound.

They support the community, the least we can do is support them. Bands are always the first to step up and say “What can we do to help?” – You guys were awesome, thank you!

Thank you also to everyone that came in to support the cause, and thanks to all the behind the scenes help that we had – we couldn’t have done it without you.

Melody Smith