Takes issue with many facts from previous letter

To the editor:

Reading The Sentinel on Good Friday I noticed that Mr. Wright was still claiming his facts to be true. I happen to disagree with most of his facts.

1. Just because Obama was raised for 20 years in the Islamic faith means nothing. That was when he was younger. Obama is in his middle aged years now. He more than likely, just like many Americans do, changed his religion. Can you, Mr. Wright, claim he did not?

2. What has Shariah Law got to do with anything? I do not see it being practiced in the states.

3. How many people have “slept” through sermons? If you claim that no one has then maybe you should look around you the next time you go to church just to see how many do.

4. Mr. Wright stated that the Rev. Jeremiah Wright admitted schooling Obama in the basics of Christianity. Is this not part of becoming a Christian?

Mr. Wright then goes on to claim some facts concerning health care. If Mr. Wright would do some actual research in the population size and disease rates then he would change his mind.

Obviously Mr. Wright does not want to see the true facts concerning American health care and where it stands globally due to this being more information than Mr. Wright can comprehend, but it is all there in the WHO’s report. I stand by my facts which have been garnered from the above websites, both of which are unbiased.

George Fisher