Sunday School class supports the Sugar Bowl

To the editor:

We have been supporting The Sugar Bowl Fund for many years and are confident that the committee overseeing the fund is committed to the task.

We are well aware that government programs cannot meet all the needs of the children of our county. We need a program to help these cases which fall through the cracks. The Sugar Bowl Fund is designed to help in these situations.

With a willing group of volunteers completely independent of Children and Youth we have a program that is working. We don’t need to reinvent the wheel.

We wish to commend the Mifflin County Commissioners for their attempt to keep the public informed by way of our local newspapers. We urge all to read the newspaper article written by Joe Cannon in Friday’s (April 25) Sentinel and come to your own conclusion. Please don’t let deceit and innuendo sully the fine reputation of the Sugar Bowl Fund.

We have confidence in Mackenzie Seiler, Pat Gardner and the commissioners and are dismayed that their honesty and integrity have been questioned. Remember, when you point an accusing finger, the other three are pointing back at you.

Frank A. Bonson

Adult Sunday School Class

St. John’s Lutheran Church