Submits America’s new reality under Obama

To the editor:

Facts are facts: The President was raised a Muslim. His sympathies lie totally within the framework of Islamic intolerance of all other religions. He refused to support the Defense of Marriage Act, a pivotal law that gave teeth to the Christian concept of “holy” matrimony under the eyes of God. He continued his attacks on Christianity by his pivot away from sanctified marriage to his support of “all” things pro “gay.” This has effectively crippled the moral standings of this country.

He destroyed the world’s best performing heath industry with the passage of “his” Obamacare. Jobs, real employment and the massive number of Americans that are now receiving some form of government assistance has squashed any real economic growth.

He is actively working to gut our military to pre-World War II levels at a time when the world sees a massive resurgence of Russian military power, along with the new real superpower of China waiting until the dust settles. Sadly, and most tellingly, he completely ignores the genocide being committed by these same Muslims against the rapidly vanishing Christian populations of the Middle East …

One could go on forever about the “evils” of this administration, but if Americans do not rise up with “force” to say enough, it will be too late.

Scholars recently stated that nearly 40 percent of Americans feel that a revolution would not be unexpected. In the 18th century, before the first American Revolution began, that number was around 30 percent. I just finished watching brutality on Fox News at the hands of this government against ranchers that were having their livestock confiscated and their rights to graze their cattle on public lands rescinded. They were protesting, legally, and were met with body slams, Taserings and brute force. Why were the ranchers’ rights and livestock confiscated? So that some desert tortoise (numbers questionable) could have unimpeded rights to the “people’s” public lands? Except that the people have no rights under this dictatorial government.

The next time this government meets citizens legally exercising their constitutional rights with overt force, they might be met with the same force against them …

(Editor’s note: Mr. Wright is entitled to his opinions, however it should be noted that on more than one occasion President Obama has publicly identified himself as a Christian by faith. Some other content was removed from this letter at the editor’s discretion.)

Don Wright