Offers advice on picking candidates for election

To the editor:

To help save our country, Americans must come out and vote in the next election.

If you want liberal judges not enforcing laws and letting dead-beat dads, rapists and pedophiles go free, vote for a liberal. According to Fox News there are approximately 12 million dead-beat dads.

If you want more illegals in our country, and getting benefits, vote for RINO – Republican In Name Only – Jeb Bush. His stand on the 20 to 25 million illegals that are here is not following our laws. Illegals are from many countries so don’t just think Hispanic. We don’t need another Bush in the White House.

If you want gun control and no stand with the 26 states against Obamacare, vote for Christy the RINO.

If you want someone who sided with the RINO gang of eight about immigration reform, vote for RINO Rubio.

If you want a government that pushes our children into a government education program called Common Care, which is similar to a Hitler indoctrination program, vote for a liberal – more than $100 million given in grants.

I have closely followed the following people and made a list of those with a backbone who showed strong courage to change our descent into a communist nation, but ruled by a monarchial ruler:

Ted Cruz – Texas

Newt Gingrich – Georgia (a distant cousin)

Trey Gowdy – South Carolina

Jim Jordan – Ohio

Mike Kelly – Pennsylvania

Adam Kinzinger – Illinois

James Lankford – Oklahoma

Mike Lee – Utah

Mia Love – Colorado

Susanna Martinez – New Mexico

Sarah Palin – Alaska

Rand Paul – Kentucky

Rick Perry – Texas

David Schweikert – Arizona

Tim Scott – South Carolina

Scott Walker – Wisconsin

Allan West – Florida

Hope this helps you to follow good people, at least to this date, and give them your vote and support.

Connie Nearhood Solano

Pearce, Ariz.

formerly of Mifflin County