More thoughts on errors linked to voting process

To the editor:

Something else came to my attention this morning, the 26th day of March, 2014. It relates to the letter I just wrote yesterday and haven’t gotten to the mail box as of yet.

It turns out there was a “sting operation” here in Pennsylvania in which they attempted to bribe Republican and Democrat lawmakers to vote a certain way regarding photo ID requirements for voting in Pennsylvania, in which the Republicans were to vote “yes” and the Democrats were to vote “no.” The Republicans did not accept any bribes but four Democrats did.

Our own Pennsylvania State Attorney General then refused to prosecute the Democrats – all of whom are black – stating that the investigation had been flawed and tinged with racism.

As far as I am concerned, this is “BS.” As I stated in my previous letter dated March 25, I do not care about anyone’s color, race, ethnic background, or any other factor. If you have committed a crime you need to be prosecuted. No one should receive more or less scrutiny because of any factor such as race, gender, political persuasion or anything else and the sooner we all adopt this stance, the better our society will be.

I would like to add something else pertaining to my previous letter. Melowese Richardson made the statement at one point that she felt that “it was OK for her to vote multiple times for Obama because he had the right to be president.” In fact, this is totally wrong and distorted thinking.

No one has the right to be president. Anyone has to the right to run for that office, as long as they meet the legal requirements for the office of president. No one is entitled to a winning result. That is settled by the vote. That is why voter fraud must be stamped out so that every vote is equal. One person, one vote. Period!

Stephen Sellers