Contends ‘train wreck’ continues off the track

To the editor:

The train wreck that is Obama’s presidency continues down the track and loses car after car. When will it stop? Must the entire train end up in the gutter?

I have noticed that whatever Obama says, all too often the opposite is true.

The transformation that Obama promised is accelerating. Most citizens had no idea that the transformation Obama was talking about would lead to higher unemployment, unaffordable electric bills, higher gas prices, losing your health care, losing your doctor, losing your hospital, higher prices for food, trillions of dollars added to the nation’s debt, government spying on its citizens, violation of constitutional rights (First, Second, Fourth amendments), targeting by the IRS of conservative groups and individuals.

Had Obama told the truth about his real intent for the country prior to his election in 2008, would he have been elected? The answer is “NO!” That is why he hid his intent by using words that sound good but in reality are bad for you and the country. Instead of using the word “income redistribution” he uses the word “fairness.” Instead of using the word “tax” he uses the words “fair share” and “investment.” Instead of using the words “executive privilege” he uses the word, “transparency,” etc. There is nothing “fair” about what he does. It is blatantly “unfair.”

Obama delivers speeches that sound good, gets applause and cheers from the crowd. But it turns out his polices produce the near exact opposite of their meaning.

He claims to be for creating jobs, yet his polices actually kill jobs. He claims to be for helping the middle class, yet his polices actually harm the middle class. He claims to be for better education, yet his polices actually will lower educational standards. He claims to be for democracy, yet his polices actually overthrow countries and give them to Islamic extremists. He claims to be for investment in infrastructure (roads and bridges), yet his polices actually hinder the investment.

His apology tour of foreign countries did the very opposite of his stated intent. It made the world a much more dangerous place and emboldens our enemies. They see a weak, unimpressive, untrustworthy, naive in foreign affairs individual that they can manipulate.

The “no clue” president and his “no clue” secretaries of state, Hillary Clinton and now John Kerry, have and will only make matters worse. Hillary’s “what does it matter now” speech and Kerry’s “it is not personal, Mr. Putin” speech is all you need to know to come to the conclusion that they have “no” clue.

Clyde Bailey