Cares about what Obama does, not what he says

To the editor:

Your editor criticizes Don Wright for claiming, in his letter published on April 12, that Obama is a Muslim. Obama has clearly stated that he is a Christian, you say, and I guess that’s good enough for you. He did, I hear, go to Jeremiah Wright’s white-hatred church; if you call what they preach Christianity, then perhaps he is a Christian. But that’s besides the point; if he says he’s Christian, that’s good enough for you. He says you can keep your medical plans and doctors under Obamacare: Is that good enough for you?

I don’t care what Obama says; I care what he does. And when he (or his underlings) say that Major Nidal murdering soldiers at Fort Hood while shouting, “Allah Akbar,” was “an act of workplace violence,” I do know one thing: Obama is a dangerous threat to the security of our country.

John Brittain