Believes hiking minimum wage won’t help at all

To the editor:

My first job in 1956 was part time and paid 35 cents an hour. Of course gasoline was 25 cents, smokes were 20 cents and you got a big bag of groceries for a few dollars.

But as prices went up and we needed more money the minimum wage went to 75 cents. But then the cost of living went up again and soon the minimum wage went to $1.25. Then it was left foot, right foot, left foot and so on.

Now the minimum wage is wanting to go up to $10, the price of gas nears $4, smokes are $5 and up and groceries you almost need a bank loan. Property taxes went up over 1,000 percent and what it costs to fill my gas tank was a car payment. I had bought a new car out of the showroom for less than $1,700, and built a nice house for less than $10,000. And all for minimum wage. So those that think $15 an hour will benefit them, forget it. Prices will take it pretty fast. It will be more of an incentive to send more jobs overseas where the people are just happy to have a job that pays $2 to $3 an hour.

Russell Gearhart