Wind power is a good deal that keeps getting better

To the editor:

America has a strong tradition of preservation and stewardship. Wind power fits well into that narrative, protecting our environment while bringing opportunities for economic growth.

Across the country, citizens are taking advantage of low-cost wind power as a way to keep their electricity prices down, and it’s working. States with the highest percentage of installed wind energy resources have actually seen their electricity prices decrease, especially compared to states where heavy reliance on traditional fuels means power prices can fluctuate wildly.

While communities benefit from locally generated clean power, wind energy is supporting jobs in Pennsylvania and across the nation. With 72 percent of a wind turbine’s value made in the USA, Pennsylvania’s rich manufacturing sector contributes to this homegrown energy source.

American wind power generates up to $25 billion a year in private investment. With millions paid out in federal, state, and local taxes, wind projects provide ample opportunity for economic development, including improved roads, schools, hospitals, and other essential public projects.

Wind energy now powers more than 15 million American homes, and costs have declined 43 percent in four years, meaning wind is more of a good deal every year.

Over $2.7 billion has been invested in Pennsylvania wind power, and with the right policies in place, that number can continue to grow, ensuring that residents of the Keystone State will have access to a grid that is more diverse, environmentally sound, and affordable.

Bruce Burcat

Mid-Atlantic Renewable Energy Coalition

Camden, Del.