Wait no more for reform of our immigration laws

To the editor:

There is universal agreement in Congress on at least one thing – our immigration system is broken and needs to be fixed.

For Pennsylvania’s farm families like mine who are dependent on employees from outside the U.S. to help us perform labor-intensive jobs, corrections to the immigration system is paramount.

While this may be a tough political issue for our elected representatives in Congress, we did elect them to take on tough issues and solve tough problems. The U.S. Senate passed a bipartisan, comprehensive reform bill in 2013 that, while far from perfect, does a very acceptable job of addressing the most pressing concerns. House Democrats and Republicans can do the same.

We are not asking for amnesty for immigrants that entered the country illegally. We are asking for an agriculture guest worker program what works. Farmers need access to a legal, reliable workforce to be able to provide food for this nation and the rest of the world.

It is time to put politics aside and build a bipartisan solution to this serious problem. Pennsylvania voters must make it clear to their representatives in Congress that they will wait no longer for action on immigration reform.

Brett Reinford