Voices opinions on the current political scene

To the editor:

Some observations on the current political scene:

Michelle Obama is still miffed at hubby’s behavior at the Nelson Mandela funeral when the President got a little too cozy with Danish Prime Minister Helle Thorning Schmidt. She took his camera away. The First Lady was later seen at the White House trying to take a selfie.

Obama has been compared to Russian leader Vladimir Putin. The similarities are numerous and remarkable. The only significant difference is that one of them has a prettier wife.

Vice President Joe Biden suffers from HPD, which stands for histrionic personality disorder. He says dumb things to get attention.

At the SOTU speech the evening of January 28, Biden and Speaker of the House John Boehner were caught several times whispering back and forth. Biden heard the Speaker say that he sure could use a drink. Biden responded, “make that a double.”

Bill Clinton recently shared a photo op with two Bunny Ranch employees at a charity event in Los Angeles. The former president was taken aback when neither one showed up wearing a blue dress.

At a recent staff meeting, Hillary Clinton once again warned members of the secret service to disappear if they happened to run into her at the White House. “If there is no door to duck into,” she reminded them, “flatten yourself against the wall and close your eyes.”

Former Speaker Nancy Pelosi has been reading the Affordable Care Act for the past several weeks. She is still on the Introduction and has no idea what’s in it.

Attorney General Eric Holder was asked the other day to come clean about his department’s involvement with the gun running scheme, “Fast and Furious.” Holder deferred, stating that “Fast and Furious” was in the Clinton White House.

Former President Jimmy Carter still makes an annual pilgrimage to the burial site of his former PLO buddy. Carter said he and Rosalynn were looking for remnants of the ark when they were spotted scaling Mt Ararat.

None of the above-mentioned people like each other.

W.C. Beaver