Voices concerns about DNA experimentation

To the editor:

Oh my … Josef Mengele, the infamous doctor of Auschwitz, is still alive.

It now seems that scientists are exploring the possibility of having three DNAs joined to create a ‘perfect’ baby.

That would mean we take two parents created by God and add the DNA of another to create a human baby as if that is God’s planned creation. It is not!

What perturbs me more than anything is that these same advocates have no objection to doctors destroying the already forming life in the womb through abortions. Is not the value of an existing life more important than a substitution as might well be performed by those who mimic Josef Mengele, an evil man who studied the same area of eugenics in university and then went on to practice under the flag of Nazism?

I would ask any couple who might have been informed that there was a possibility of their genetic issue meaning their future child might be born with an anomaly examine instead the beauty of adoption. And in effect that is what they would be doing secondarily by accepting another woman’s DNA would it not?

A human is born with a soul, given by God to the embryo at the time of conception. Might someone advise me on how a soul might be divided when God did not grant the life of that baby but to his chosen mother and father?

This sickness goes further in that a life in the womb is taken as if of no real worth and extends it to the fallacy that a life has no other societal value but to be eligible for euthanasia. How welcome such a society might have been to the likes of Josef Mengele, Margaret Sanger, Planned Parenthood and their cohorts?

Life was created by God to live, not to be constructed at the convenience of another.

Diane Logan