Sees shades of ‘1984’ in short-sighted legislation

To the editor:

When ex-governor Tom Ridge and his fellow Republicans passed Pennsylvania’s electric choice law, they didn’t foresee electric generating companies making all those annoying phone calls to and their gouging of consumers. Thanks a lot, guys.

It’s no big secret that underage teens have no trouble buying cigarettes illegally. Now Gov. Corbett wants to sell the state-owned liquor stores, whose unionized workers have done a great job of enforcing underage drinking laws, to private enterprise that is interested in only making a profit.

It shouldn’t be too hard to predict what will happen to underage drunk driving crash rates if the governor is successful, but how will the loss of revenue be made up, and where will those dedicated employees find new, good paying jobs with similar benefits.

When lawmakers pass short-sighted legislation, it is consumers, taxpayers and workers that ultimately pay the price and suffer the consequences of those laws that were passed to benefit the corporate world.

Unfortunately, it is the wealthy corporations and the political party that come first today, not everyday citizens (proles). That is exactly what George Orwell foresaw in his book, “1984,” when it was first published in 1949.

David L. Faust